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The Rules and The Rebel

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Because I find the notion completely ridiculous, last night John and I talked about "The Rules." It is a book, created by some uppity, older, country woman, about how to catch a man and how to keep him. And they aren't even legitimate in nature; they are sneaky and manipulative and for most women, very easy to follow. As I said, John and I bonded over this cute little book and how much our relationship is not governed by the rules.

Some of them are worth thinking about and keeping in the back of your mind. The first rule is "Be a creature like no other." And that helped me get the guy I have. I know I'm different and if I followed the rules, I would still be single. But things like, "Don't open up too fast" and "Don't call him and rarely return his phone calls" are just funny to me. There is also a rule that says "Don't accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday" and I broke that rule the first time we talked. We made a date for the very next day! How's that for rebel!

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