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Just becasue I had 15 minutes

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I finished my midterm with a solid 15 minutes to spare before I leave the library and have to walk to class. I feel quite accomplished because this was a little difficult and I couldn't stay focused long enough to get it done in a timely manner. Plus I've been hanging out a lot and never seem to be home studying. (I did study at Brian's yesterday and love that we can sit, not talk to each other, and still feel like we're hanging out.) John isn't helping either. :-) Both supportive and distracting. (Funny, I guess I could say the same about Brian.)

The next few days is nothing but work. However, John's birthday is Sunday. His family is coming up and we're all going to dinner. Or having a party at his place, I don't know yet. (It keeps changing...) Monday I get to take him out. Our one month is June 13, boy does time fly when you aren't paying attention. I even bought him a card, being the cute girlfriend that I am.

That was a pointless blog, for all of us. I'm off to class. Bleh.
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