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Scullenette. Yeah, it's gotten bad.

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I'm taking a small break from my early morning studying- actually, I guess you can call it cramming. I got in last night around 2am, laid down for a short nap and got up at 6am to do some homework. (Why is it I feel more rested after only 4 hours and groggy anything over that?)

I'm completely over Music History 1. I hate the class and the structure- or lack there of. But, I only have 9 more days- including today at 1020am. Why does this class need to be 2 hours? This is such a waste of my time. Sociology, even though I'm having difficulty in the class with the way sociologist think, I'm doing well overall with keeping up with work and understanding the concepts. And I only have 6 more classes including today. This week and next are all I have to endure for Music. Sociology ends the week after that, and then my summer actually starts. Not that I have much planned (oh, just attend a wedding, brush up on my spanish, continue trying to write a musical and hopefully visit Jeca in Virgina).

Last night, I took John to Cafe Tu Tu Tango for his birthday and he was like a kid in a candy store. He had never been and I was greatly looking forward to my Chocolate Martini. We even got dessert! (Which, I don't think I have had at a restaurant in forever) Then we wandered around Downtown Disney to burn off all the calories we gained pigging-out for the last 2 days.

Ok, so being told that you are the kind of girl people wait for when you're 15, very disheartening. And kind of make me angry. (So yeah, didn't date much as a child, because boys liked to fuck you over then.) However, being told that at the age of 22, kind of romantic. And very sweet. So it is confirmed: I am the kind of girl you wait for. :-)
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