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I feel that I've been out of touch lately. However, I don't know if it's because I've been busy or if you've been busy. I'm sure it's a bit of both.

Now that summer school is over, I feel like it's the weekend all the time. My schedule is soooooo sporadic and most of it consist of being at Universal in some way, shape, or form. I still crash just about anywhere closer than my house and for that, I have been dubbed "the Gypsy". (I have been tying to cut down on driving, I'm kind of over it now.) I sleep in my own bed maybe once or twice a week and feel like I'm on-the-go-all-the-time. Right now, I'm home, enjoying my comfortable room and watching tv. However, I work at 4 tonight and then probably won't be home again until some time Sunday, since I close T-2 for the rest of the week (meaning I don't get off until 11). This is what I wanted- tons of hours and no school work. The only thing I didn't count on was John. He came out of nowhere while I wasn't looking and became my plan B.

Julie has been the only close friend of mine to see John and I in our element. We've hang out with his friends more often, mainly because they have more free time than my friends do. So every time I go over there, at least one of his friends is free. (We do get some alone time, I'm just saying that my friends are too busy to spend time with me, let alone us. Our groups are so different and it's funny the things we do in our free time.) When everyone in my crew got to see us, we had only been together for a few days and hadn't really gotten use to being "us." Julie kept saying, "that's so cute" and "wow", even commenting that we have an "essence" together. I agree. I will say that I didn't expect anything like this, anyone like him, but I have learned to love him. Learn is a weird way to say that- I love him. Simply that.

I know I'm busy and I know that everyone else is busy. However, I want to spend a bit more time with everyone, I miss you guys. John and I aren't attach at the hip, so you have just as much of a chance to get me alone as you use to. Well, sometimes we're together, so you might get "us." (Except for Jeca. When I come up, it will be a different "us.") We will also be at the movies on Tues/Wed.

I don't have any big, update-able information. Except I'm happy. That's got to count for something. :-)
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