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Jeca, I'm no longer a kayak.

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... I'm sitting alone in John's apartment, looking at all the things that remind me of him, and I miss him... He's out with his other roommates and I'm suppose to be getting homework done. I'm not. I will though... I promise...

I love him. I truly do. And he makes me very happy. He leaves, I'm sad. He comes over, I'm happy. He calls, I smile. This must be the natural progression of things. :-)

School is... going... ok. Well. No, ok. I'm well. I have 5 classes and not enough time. Ever. Not that I'm good with time management or anything. I have 3 jobs that I currently attend regularly and one more on the way. (Like a child. Ha!) I may, hopefully, get rid of Universal and replace it with my new job as a substitute teacher for Volusa County schools. However, I don't know where that will fit into my schedule. I'm trying though.

Life is good. I'm overzealously happy. In love, overworked, and looking for a good time. I'll be 23 soon. I'm almost done with college- at least the Stetson version of it. All I can say now is that I'm happy.
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