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Earth Intruders

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My homework that is due today is finished. So I got online and I'm trying to calm down my weary thoughts of finishing all the other work I have to get done before Thursday and then, the work that has to be done before next Tuesday. And it's a lot of work.

I also have a dilemma. I have made it clear that I am going to visit Jeca in Virgina, in August. However, the universe has come up with some small, but bothersome thoughts to dwell on. Brian probably can not go with us. He as to babysit his parent's cat, during the 3 weeks that Elisa and I would be able to go on our road trip. And I really want to see John Mayer in concert. The is here in Florida August 7th and 8th. Which really isn't a dilemma. I would probably have to leave the next day. Which would suck if we leave at 6 in the morning. Plus, who is going to go with me to a John Mayer concert?

One more week of school. Actually, 2 more days this week and one day next week. Plus tonight I guess. So 2 more music classes and 2 more sociology classes. And then... the Work-a-holic comes back! I know you all missed her.

I guess everything else is good. How are you?
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